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PhotoResizer is a Image Resizer / Convertor that allows users to convert/resize images. Drag and drop files, Bulk Resizing and Compressing (Zip) the output files are some of the operations supported.

Feedback & Support:
• Read the Softpedia review of the PhotoResizer.
• Use the Discussions tab to ask your question or get support for the software.
• If you find a bug or have a new feature, use the Issue Tracker tab.
• Help spread the word across! - Tweet, Like on facebook
• Donate via PayPal (see below)

Features (version 0.5):
• 100% Free, No naggy Ads
• No setup, very small EXE (113 Kb).
• Extremely fast!
• Select or Drag multiple Images to resize
• Resize Image by Percentage and Pixels
• Control Quality of resized Images
• Zip the output resized Images
• Conversion/resizing of bmp and png resizing to jpg


Terms of Use:
This software is free and is not to be sold. Please distribute it freely. Please make backup of the images that this application will process. I am not responsible for any loss of work or time or pics :). Please review the License Section of the project for more details. If there are risk of losing critical data, avoid using it in a business environment.

Support the project:

If you like what you see here, you can support via PayPal donation here. (You'll be redirected to my website).

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